Still Not Ready To Take Inquiries Yet, BUT…!

We’re still not 100% ready to take inquiries yet, but, if you happen to be interested in getting free, yes FREE, photos done, please message, or call me, as I am currently looking to update my portfolio.

What I’m Looking For:

Everyone! Adults, Children, all ages and sizes. All types. (If you are under 18, please have m adult 18+ present during).

You must be in the NYC area, or have the ability to travel to NYC.

I am also available to photograph events such as concerts and nightlife free of charge, but not weddings or birthdays. Apologies. 

Also, this offer only stands until July 31st. 




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With 5+ years experience dealing with headshots and street photography (as well as dabbling in nature photography), Emily Kos Jeffery is the go-to person for your next project! Currently, she specializes in Headshots, Glamour Photography, Nature Photography, and Events, but can be flexible with other genres. Emily Kos Jeffery is a photographer and student living in New York City.

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