Rates and Policy

  • $35.00: 1 hour. Unlimited images. All raw images including 3 retouched images of your choice.
  • $50.00: 2 hours. Unlimited images. All raw images including 7 retouched images of your choice. 
  • $85:00: 3 hours. Unlimited images. All raw images including 10 retouched images of your choice. 

Please arrive 30 minutes on location before your appointed time to sign contracts and confirm our project. Projects can not begin until contracts are signed. 100% of payment is due the day of the project.

As we (EmKos Photography) do not currently own or rent any studio space, we (my assistant (not always in attendance) and myself will be willing to travel within the five boroughs to your place of preference, whether this be an external location, or an internal location of your preference (your home, your apartment, your office, etc.).

**If you are dissatisfied with any part of the project you have received, please notify EmKos Photography within 5 days of receiving materials/project to discuss a partial refund, or a recreation of any photos. 

**Before any project can begin, we must set up a consultation to discuss your ideas. It helps to bring sample photos of the kind of work you’d like for me to do. There, we can discuss the project further. 

**Copies of ALL work (raw and touched) will be distributed by email, unless specified otherwise. If you wish to have copies of your photos distributed via  USB, there is a $10.00 charge for this. Otherwise, receiving photos by email is free of charge. 

**100% of fees are due by the day of shooting. We can accept Cash or Money Orders, only. Thank you. (You will receive a receipt).

**If you are interested in being able to print out 8×10’s, please mention this during our consultation, and I will be happy to make note of this, as I will need to save photos in the correct resolutions for 8×10’s. 

**You are entitled to a 50% refund if any problems with the project can not be fixed in a timely manner.

**Cancelation of any project requires at least 24 hours notice.


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With 5+ years experience dealing with headshots and street photography (as well as dabbling in nature photography), Emily Kos Jeffery is the go-to person for your next project! Currently, she specializes in Headshots, Glamour Photography, Nature Photography, and Events, but can be flexible with other genres. Emily Kos Jeffery is a photographer and student living in New York City.

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