Before I go into this, I want to say, that one site that truly helped me understand the technical side of photography, was

http://digital-photography-school.com/ . 

Not only was this site helpful in moving me from one place to another, it helped me understand why it’s important to truly understand the technical side of taking a great headshot. The Rule of Thirds! As well as how to take great headshots.

I enjoy taking photos of people. I love capturing a moment. One things I’ve become obsessed with, in regard to photographing people (okay, I admit it; I’ve ALWAYS been obsessed with this) is Bokeh. In case you’ve never heard of Bokeh, Bokeh is a Japanese phrase for the blurry effect you oftentimes see in photos. The Bokeh can be in the background, foreground, or take over the entire photo. Here are some examples of Bokeh that I have done, myself:

bok desktop1

One thing I like about photograhy in general, but especially Bokeh, is its ability to make you wonder. Where were these photos taken? What time of the day (or night?) was it when these photos were taken? What was going on in the background while these photos were being taken? Well, in the first photo, it was taken during the summer of 2012. I had insomnia one night, couldn’t sleep, and right before full sunrise I happened to take this photo. The water bottle happened to be sitting on my windowsill.

On to faces…

I find that people make photographs much more interesting,

Here are some headshots that I’ve done that I happen to truly love!

249163_10151462438258381_1315000439_n 1379884_10152921595623381_3510923857530206584_n 10410696_10152731314733381_1956948606347301674_n screenshot screenshot2 screenshot3

A photo can make you wonder. Wonder about the person. Wonder about the environment. Wonder about everything. I find that adding Bokeh to either a headshot, 1/2 shot or beyond with a human (or non-human!) subject adds an air of mystery to a photo. Experiment with Bokeh. It’s fun!


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With 5+ years experience dealing with headshots and street photography (as well as dabbling in nature photography), Emily Kos Jeffery is the go-to person for your next project! Currently, she specializes in Headshots, Glamour Photography, Nature Photography, and Events, but can be flexible with other genres. Emily Kos Jeffery is a photographer and student living in New York City.

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